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The world has become a very sad place, we are judged on face value and have become very image conscious. I want to create a safe place for those who feel uncomfortable in a normal salon environment. As someone who suffers from Anxiety i want to promote this Salon as a Mental Health friendly zone as well as a LGBTQ+ Safe Zone. Clients of all ages welcome and we have full access available for Wheelchairs and prams. All staff will be none judgmental and friendly so we expect all clients to do the same. We are all different so let us come together and celebrate our differences not knock each other down!

Why are we doing this you ask? 'Everyone is beautiful in their own unique way, in and out and you have no right to tell them otherwise.' - Miley Cyrus


All bookings will be allocated in slots. Why? We can give our full attention to you and your hair/beauty  journey. We pride ourselves on our work and will constantly provide salon quality service through the whole process. This is because we believe that your time with your technician should be one on one and with you every step of the way. Creating a bound, an understanding means better results! Therefore there will be a limited amount of clients in at any one time, again making it a relaxed atmosphere perfect for everyone. We will be providing an option to cover your individual mirror at each station to help those that feel self conscious to feel at ease.

Why are we doing this you ask? 'I think the most important thing a woman can have - Next to talent, of course - is her hairdresser' - Joan Crawford.


We have put a lot of thought, time and research into creating a Salon with a DIFFERNCE. We have got rid of the clinical feel of most salons and have provided a natural theme to bring hair/beauty back to its 'natural roots' (Pardon the Pun). Even though the services we provide are not always so natural we want to bring the sense of happiness we all have while outdoors. When we all go for a woodland walk or we sit in our gardens, it's a sense of  freedom and belonging. That's what we want to bring to this Salon. We have an Indoor Garden waiting area, complete with a Prosecco & Gin bar which is sectioned away from the Salon so even if you just want to pop in for a time out and a drink or if you have friends or family waiting for you, they are more than welcome to come in! We will welcome everyone!

Why are we doing this you ask? 'We don't create a fantasy world to escape reality, we create it to be able to stay.' - Lynda Barry


'Everyone is welcome, Safe Space for all! Anxiety and other Mental health friendly. Wheel chair access available. Families welcome. Supporter of the LGBTQ+ Community. 
-Courtney, Head Stylist and Owner


'If you can't love yourself, how in hell are you going to love someone else?' 
- Rupaul

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